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AA-Ventilation Services


At aa-ventilation we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality kitchen ventilation systems and associated environmental products.

Gas Safety

From heating to cooking, we use gas appliances every day. We want you to be able to use your gas appliances safely and without worry. To do this, everyone needs to follow some gas safety rules.

Electrical Work

You do not have to worry about home electrical repairs any longer, we undertake all domestic electrical works. Contact Earthed ElectricX today to find out how our domestic electricians can help you with your electrical needs.


AA-Ventilation provide highly skilled tradesmen and technicians to complete all the commercial maintenance and repairs required within manufacturing plants so you can keep your manufacturing business running smoothly.

Gas Appliance install

Purchased a new gas cooker but need an engineer to install it? No matter what the appliance our engineers are equipped to install the new unit with minimum wait time and fuss. You need to ensure that when dealing with gas appliances there is a particular degree of care that needs to be taken to ensure a safe installation.

Boiler Install,Repairs and Service

Installing the right boiler for your home is a must. Not only is it essential to have an efficient and long-lasting system, but it’s equally important to choose one that is cost-effective and reliable throughout its lifetime.

Central Heating Repairs

Whether you are looking to install a brand new central heating system or require repair work, AA-Ventilation offer access to some of the most experienced engineers working.

fauit finder

A Gas leak is a serious hazard that can cause harm to workers, buildings and the environment. Finding leaked gas can help to reduce these risks. Therefore when they are found gas leaks will need fixing straight away. If left the results can be disastrous and sometimes fatal!

Cap-Off Gas Pipes

 We understand the regulations that are associated with gas piping and will carefully plan and carry out our work to make sure your system flows properly and that there are no threats of leaks. Trust the experts at AA-ventilation for you gas pipe installation services.